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Los Angeles Film Festival

  1. Softness of Bodies

    Softness of Bodies

  2. The Wrong Todd

    The Wrong Todd

  3. Simple Wedding

    Simple Wedding

  4. Olympia


  5. In Reality
    Menzione speciale: U.S. Fiction Award

    In Reality

  6. Good Girls Get High

    Good Girls Get High

  7. American Dreamer

    American Dreamer

  8. The Oath

    The Oath

  9. Moroni for President

    Moroni for President

  10. We the Coyotes

    We the Coyotes

  11. Brian Banks
    Audience Award (Fiction Feature Film)

    Brian Banks

  12. False Confessions
    Documentary Special Jury Award for Excellence in Social Justice Storytelling

    False Confessions

  13. The New Romantic

    The New Romantic

  14. Ride


  15. Stammering Ballad

    Stammering Ballad

  16. Banana Split

    Banana Split

  17. All About Nina

    All About Nina

  18. The Chaperone

    The Chaperone

  19. Saint Judy

    Saint Judy

  20. We Have Always Lived in the Castle

    We Have Always Lived in the Castle

  21. Galveston


  22. Ashes in the Snow

    Ashes in the Snow

  23. Microhabitat


  24. Tower. A Bright Day.

    Tower. A Bright Day.

  25. Heaven Without People

    Heaven Without People

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