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Moscow International Film Festival

  1. Lezioni di persiano

    Lezioni di persiano

  2. Another Round

    Another Round

  3. Malmkrog


  4. Uppercase Print

    Uppercase Print

  5. Meanwhile on Earth

    Meanwhile on Earth

  6. New Order

    New Order

  7. Epicentro


  8. Volevo nascondermi

    Volevo nascondermi

  9. Gagarin


  10. The Salt of Tears

    The Salt of Tears

  11. Genius Loci

    Genius Loci

  12. Berlin Alexanderplatz

    Berlin Alexanderplatz

  13. Siberia


  14. Father


  15. In Between Dying

    In Between Dying

  16. I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face
    Best Film of the Short Film Competition

    I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face

  17. Bestie che si aggrappano a tutto

    Bestie che si aggrappano a tutto

  18. Jumbo


  19. Mosquito


  20. Mama Weed

    Mama Weed

  21. Silver Skates

    Silver Skates

  22. The Big Hit

    The Big Hit

  23. Paris Calligrammes

    Paris Calligrammes

  24. Spring Blossom

    Spring Blossom

  25. Simple Passion

    Simple Passion

  26. Enfant terrible

    Enfant terrible

  27. Charlatan


  28. Ana


  29. Debris of Desire

    Debris of Desire

  30. On the Edge

    On the Edge

  31. A Friendly Tale

    A Friendly Tale

  32. Mosquito State

    Mosquito State

  33. Paradise


  34. July 96

    July 96

  35. My Little Sister

    My Little Sister

  36. Ladies of Steel

    Ladies of Steel