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São Paulo International Film Festival

  1. Festen - Festa in Famiglia
    Menzione d'onore: International Jury Award

    Festen - Festa in Famiglia

  2. Happiness
    International Jury Award


  3. L'eternità e un giorno
    Runner Up (Audience Award)

    L'eternità e un giorno

  4. Idioti


  5. I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone

  6. Megacities: 12 Stories of Survival
    Best Documentary (International Jury Award)

    Megacities: 12 Stories of Survival

  7. Train of Life
  8. Requiem


  9. State of Dogs
    Critics Award

    State of Dogs

  10. Men at Work

    Men at Work

  11. Far From Sight

    Far From Sight

  12. The Year After Dayton

    The Year After Dayton

  13. Alpine Ballade

    Alpine Ballade

  14. Esther