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Vancouver International Film Festival

  1. 7 Times Lucky
    Best Western Canadian Feature Film

    7 Times Lucky

  2. What Remains of Us
    Most Popular Canadian Film

    What Remains of Us

  3. Human Touch

    Human Touch

  4. Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice

  5. Fade into You

    Fade into You

  6. Sund@y Seoul

    Sund@y Seoul

  7. Splendid Float

    Splendid Float

  8. The Overture

    The Overture

  9. Campfire


  10. Le cinque variazioni

    Le cinque variazioni

  11. Café Lumière

    Café Lumière

  12. Tarnation


  13. The Forest for the Trees

    The Forest for the Trees

  14. Five


  15. The Adventures of Iron Pussy

    The Adventures of Iron Pussy

  16. Repatriation


  17. The Missing

    The Missing

  18. The Big Durian
    Menzione speciale: Dragons and Tigers Award

    The Big Durian

  19. Tintin and I

    Tintin and I

  20. Good Morning, Beijing

    Good Morning, Beijing

  21. The Foliage

    The Foliage

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