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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. Conspiracy of Silence
    Menzione speciale

    Conspiracy of Silence

  2. Elephant


  3. American Splendor

    American Splendor

  4. Le invasioni barbariche

    Le invasioni barbariche

  5. Since Otar Left...
    Menzione speciale

    Since Otar Left...

  6. The Stroll

    The Stroll

  7. Distant Lights

    Distant Lights

  8. Buddy
    Audience Award


  9. Angst


  10. Kiss of Life

    Kiss of Life

  11. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue

  12. Struggle


  13. Changes


  14. Silence Between Two Thoughts

    Silence Between Two Thoughts

  15. Made in Estonia

    Made in Estonia

  16. With Love, Lilly
    Grand Prix

    With Love, Lilly

  17. 24 Hour Party People

    24 Hour Party People

  18. Intervento divino

    Intervento divino

  19. Bus 174

    Bus 174

  20. Blessing Bell

    Blessing Bell

  21. Real Women Have Curves

    Real Women Have Curves

  22. Girlie


  23. Wisdom of the Pretzel

    Wisdom of the Pretzel

  24. Zus & zo

    Zus & zo