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28 Days Later

Diretto da Danny Boyle
Regno Unito, 2002
Horror, Fantascienza


A group of foolish animal right advocates break into a research laboratory and unknowingly release a caged chimpanzee that is infected with the ‘Rage’ virus. When a bike courier in a coma wakes up 28 days later, he goes on a perilous journey away from the infected.

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28 Days Later Diretto da Danny Boyle


28 Days Later might be one of my favorite films. It’s definitely my favorite zombie movie, or maybe I should say “zombie by proxy” movie, since the threatening hordes are infected by a rage virus, not dead. It’s not as politically or satirically ambitious as George Romero’s zombie pictures, but as a visionary piece of pure cinema—a film that, to paraphrase Roger, is more about how it’s about things than what it’s about—I think it’s unbeatable. A classic.
July 12, 2013
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