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Werner Herzog: narrazioni estatiche
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Aguirre furore di Dio

Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes

Diretto da Werner Herzog
Germania Ovest, 1972
Avventura, Drammatico, Storico
Werner Herzog: narrazioni estatiche


Nel 1560, la leggenda della ricca El Dorado spinge Gonzalo Pizarro a condurre una spedizione oltre le Ande. Costretti a fermarsi, due uomini vengono mandati con una pattuglia lungo il fiume, ma quando le loro zattere si rompono Aguirre guida un ammutinamento e assume il comando della spedizione.

La nostra opinione

La nostra retrospettiva su Herzog prosegue con le sue “Estatiche narrazioni”Ecstatic Fictions": La più famosa di queste visioni estreme, Aguirre è un capolavoro inquietante sull’ambizione umana.

Aguirre furore di Dio Diretto da Werner Herzog


One of the true greats, this, an adventure saga about the ultimate futility of existence. Werner Herzog accompanies his not-so-merry band of travellers through the low-clouds and down the deadly winding trails of a mountain in the Amazon. They are indistinct specks on the landscape, consumed entirely by nature’s all-conquering awesomeness.
June 07, 2013
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An essential hallucination, subsequently mined by Coppola, Weir and Malick but unsurpassed in its vision of the withering yet liberating madness beneath our armor: When Aguirre climactically announces his mania in the body-strewn boat, the circling camera mourns, mocks, and exults.
September 24, 2010
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Aguirre remains for me the most convincing of Herzog’s films in terms of narrative. Though there is little dialogue, this saves Herzog from getting overly tangled up in the construction of a plot, something German directors are never good at. Instead, the narrative is more or less a steady stream of images which not only sets the pace of the film but the mood as well.
March 01, 2002
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