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Diretto da Boris Khlebnikov
Russia, Finlandia, 2017


Oleg is heading for his thirties. He works as a paramedic and, after a hard shift, he likes to take a few swigs. His wife Katya is also a doctor, working in the hospital’s emergency department. But her patience with Oleg is running thin, so she announces one day that she wants a divorce…

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Arrhythmia Diretto da Boris Khlebnikov


Another strong Russian film about strained family and societal dysfunction. A more straightforward offering than How Viktor…, it was nevertheless universally well-received for its everyday relatability, capturing with multi-faceted characterisation the non-dramatic manner in which many relationships founder, and offering a sharp critique of capitalism’s corrosion of community survival systems.
September 20, 2017
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It was originally intended as a comedy about a stressed-out couple in the Russian health-care industry, but co-writers Boris Khlebnikov (who also directs) and Natalia Meshchaninova made the wrong decision by switching gears to the more literal tone of a modest melodrama. The comic possibilities are still visible under the surface… The actual results are more like a wet blanket.
September 07, 2017
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A “Blue Valentine”-meets-“ER”-style competition title more remarkable for its lightness of touch than for its social comment or despairing self-examination… Where so many films from this region that make it onto the international stage function as triage for the open wounds of national social ills, Khlebnikov’s approachable movie takes contemporary urban Russia as its backdrop rather than its subject — instead treating the chronic condition that is modern life, which knows no borders.
July 04, 2017
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