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Diretto da James Cameron
Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, 2009
Azione, Avventura, Fantasy


In the mid-22nd century, humans have colonized the lush moon Pandora in order to mine a valuable superconductor, threatening the existence of the indigenous Na’vi species.

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Avatar Diretto da James Cameron

Premi e Festival

Venice Film Festival

2010 | Vincitore: Most Creative 3D Film Stereoscopic Film of the Year

Academy Awards

2010 | 3 premi, tra cui: Best Achievement in Cinematography

2010 | 6 candidature, tra cui: Best Motion Picture of the Year

BAFTA Awards

2010 | 2 premi, tra cui: Best Production Design

2010 | 6 candidature, tra cui: Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music

Directors Guild of America

2010 | Candidato: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures

Recensioni e valutazioni

  • Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema's rating of the film Avatar

    Watching this in a theater is like walking into the men's room--a fucking sensory nightmare. Cameron is like that idiot sitting on the crapper talking on his cell. You want to scream, "he's not paying attention, he's taking a shit!" In the same vein, this is not a creative work, this is a piece of shit.

  • Edward's rating of the film Avatar

    Watch it in IMAX 3D and get there early to find a good seat as you don't want to be at the front. By far the best visual effects I have ever seen and the film is not bad either. The 3D mosquitoes looked so real sitting close to the screen that I thought they were going to bite me!

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Avatar

    3-D movies give me a headache. Cameron's work is bad enough without it jumping off the screen. It should jump into the garbage dumpster.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Avatar

    A damaged soldier on the cusp of death dreams of an escape into a world where he can right the wrongs of his own ailing existence. This element of the film as death fantasy continues throughout; self-evident in the themes of identity (twins) & rebirth (avatars), but also in the films' genuine anti-war rhetoric. The juxtaposition between Pocahontas myth & the iconography of the war on terror is post-modern brilliance.

  • Dave's rating of the film Avatar

    Every character felt like an archetype, which meant that the story, and each character's reaction to it, were all too predictable. Plus, the storyline itself is not very original - it is "Pocahontas in space" as I heard it described to me. Definitely came away feeling underwhelmed.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Avatar

    I remember when this came out, everyone thought it was wonderful, amazing, "the best film ever," etc. Now, everyone loves to sound cool by saying it sucks and is "the worst film ever." It's not astounding, or even one of the best, but it's a damn fine work of art, expertly directed and acted, and one of the most involving pictures in a while. Not trying to sound pretentious, but I've held onto that view since 2009.

  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Avatar

    Pretty much manufactured to be the highest grossing movie ever. Nonetheless, I admire Cameron for making movies that popularize science, and I love that it feels like a Cameron film. I think "Avatar" would have worked better as an R-rated cable mini-series. I wish it took time to weigh the question of what makes a species a person. I thought Vincenzo Natali's "Splice" did that much better and braver.

  • Zach Closs's rating of the film Avatar

    I initially despised "Avatar." To me it was a bullshit 3-hour tech demo. And you bet, it ain't perfect. Ultimately though, what makes it a special film is not the visuals, but the sense of wonder and joy behind them; that childlike, Spielberg/Lucas enthusiasm. Jut as Pandora brings joy and rebirth to a cynical, hardened marine, so too does it invigorate, seduce and entertain the jaded cinephiles among us.

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