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Blind Spot


Diretto da Tuva Novotny
Norvegia, 2018


Blind Spot is a story about the grey zones in mental illness; the blind spots hard to discover, as experienced by a mother realizing her daughter struggling with far worse issues than she realized.

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Blind Spot Diretto da Tuva Novotny


Novotny’s fearless debut feature is one of the most emotionally blasting cinematic experiences imaginable, daringly executed and superbly controlled – but in a way that consistently engages us with its characters’ emotional processes, never distracting us with its undeniable technical brilliance.
September 29, 2018
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It certainly is an impressive feat, both from a technical and performance standpoint, but it’s a gimmick that can also be something of a crutch: flashy filmmaking used to prop up weak material.
September 03, 0018
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Recensioni e valutazioni

  • Ronja's rating of the film Blind Spot

    3,5. I loved the way it's filmed and the first half of the movie was amazing - for example the scene where the girls are going home from school and talking (loved the pace, the chat, the way the light was changing and more and more of blue was entering the frame), but at some point emotionally the film lost its grip on me. I think it would also have been cool if the perspectives were changing more.