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Cluny Brown

Diretto da Ernst Lubitsch
Stati Uniti, 1946
Commedia, Sentimentale


The famous “Lubitsch touch,” all silky innuendo, is amply evident in this lovely comedy about plain-talking plumber Cluny Brown (Jennifer Jones, in possibly her best performance), who is hired as a maid in a posh British manor, where she blithely breaches class divisions.

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Cluny Brown Diretto da Ernst Lubitsch
It was the final feature Lubitsch completed before his untimely demise, and though it wasn’t embraced by audiences at the time, it is one of his most sublimely romantic films.
October 07, 2018
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Lubitsch’s last film, Cluny Brown (1946), a wet raspberry blown at the English class system that paired Charles Boyer and Jennifer Jones, the latter an exceptionally comely plumber, ranks among his very finest, though at the time of its release his output had already been slowed by his declining health.
June 02, 2017
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Their cultured and freethinking ways inspired stopped-up England—and, as things turn out, the United States, too—to unblock itself and take up the fight against Hitler and for sex, not least by producing effervescently ribald entertainments, such as this one, for the benefit of spirited yet constrained young women.
May 29, 2017
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