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La favolosa storia di pelle d'asino

Peau d'âne

Diretto da Jacques Demy
Francia, 1970
Drammatico, Per famiglie, Fantasy


Il curatissimo ed eccentrico adattamento di una classica favola francese. Catherine Deneuve è una principessa costretta a vestire i panni di una sguattera per evitare di sposare il re, ovvero il proprio padre.

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La favolosa storia di pelle d'asino Diretto da Jacques Demy
Donkey Skin is not just a challenge to fairy-tale traditions; Demy also uses it to build on the experimental fantasy work of Cocteau and his own previous films. The saturated colors and the operetta-like features of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), which make of the provincial town an unreal, magical space of love, anticipate Demy’s use of color and the marvelous in Donkey Skin.
July 28, 2014
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To qualify it as a minor work though seems a great disservice, as anyone who’s seen the film knows there’s nothing slight about it. It’s required viewing for anyone remotely interested in understanding Demy, but even for those with simpler aims DONKEY SKIN is a willfully bizarre lark that rises above any “so bad it’s good” pigeonholing.
February 28, 2014
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The hyper-designed sets suggest a Cocteau-hour Disneyland (or maybe Demy checked out the Madonna Inn when he shot his previous film “The Model Shop” in Los Angeles)… Like Demy’s other movies it’s one of a kind, at once monstrously Oedipal and charmingly infantile; Deneuve managed to be both hilarious and touching in her donkey drag.
October 11, 2013
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