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Diretto da Aleksandr Dovzhenko
Unione Sovietica, 1930
Muto, Drammatico


Set in the Ukraine, Earth tells the story of a group of farmers who modernize, collectivize, and seize control of their farmland, much to the anger of their hostile landlord.

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Earth Diretto da Aleksandr Dovzhenko


Full of surprising editing and camera angles, EARTH was a modernist film financed by the state, and it pissed off Soviet officials who thought they were funding propaganda, not poetry. Dovzhenko’s father was drubbed out of his collective farm; the attacks, Dovzhenko said, at first made him want to die. Yet this mesmerizing, hopeful vision by one of cinema’s original bards still holds out models for the future.
August 04, 2017
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Lustrous and granular, Dovzhenko’s vision is one of pantheistic juxtapositions and cycles of renewal, where cosmic concerns crack the cement of propaganda: The martyr’s corpse caressed by tree leaves, vengeful praying drowned out by cathartic choruses, the fiancé’s frantic grief yielding to the cry of the newborn. A proto-Tarkovsky downpour answers the sea of upturned faces, the miserable kulak’s (Pyotr Masokha) confession goes unheard.
September 22, 2014
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Seen today as the final work in a loose trilogy that also comprises Zvenigora (1928) and Arsenal (1929), Earth is Dovzhenko’s ultimate paean to nature, the land and those who toil on it and whose lives are inextricably bound up with it. The film is literally teeming with grandiose images of the natural world: such as the opening shots of a vast sky and rolling fields, of sunflowers and apples.
April 22, 2004
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Recensioni e valutazioni

  • kartina obskura's rating of the film Earth

    rare are moments when life and death, joy, dance, pain and tragedy feel so intense and extreme in a very same. vasiliy's walk was one of those moments. (and how long it was? 1 minute or 2? it could be a century, too) like the Soul spread all varieties of its boundless volume.

  • Canaletto's rating of the film Earth

    Tuve el honor de verla como parte del famoso Festival Internacional de Jazz acompañada en vivo por un trío (piano, guitarra electrica y sax), sobra decir que fue una experiencia inolvidable, que Potemkin ni que mis huevos.

  • João Eça's rating of the film Earth

    Too many symbols and too much abstraction for me. The first sequence is overwhelming in mystery, beauty and possible meanings. The rest is somehow a group of images that compose neither a story nor a free abstract representation of nature, earth or whatever. Lost between this two possibilities and with some ideological intentions that don't add nothing to it, "Earth" is the weak version of Eisenstein's "Old and New".

  • Kai White's rating of the film Earth

    A running meditation on several heady themes as they relate to rural Russian farmlife. Some great photography helps give this somewhat of an ethereal feel that you don't find in other Soviet films from this era. Incidentally, the ending manages to wrap a storm, stampeding horses, fruit, a nude woman, an angry priest, and a funeral procession into one heck of a montage. Exciting!

  • Kamran's rating of the film Earth

    Propaganda or subversion thereof, a charged and poetic ambiguation of changing society: rise of bolshevism & science, lament of tradition & religion. 93/100 - Amazing.

  • wolfmansRazor's rating of the film Earth

    Dovzhenko's ecstatic, pulsing montage is still incredibly rousing even when the specific content of the film seems almost unfathomable to an American audience. The kulaks are bad guys because they own property? A priest is shunned for offering funeral services? People are this excited about a tractor? I loved the film, but I can't overlook that it's propaganda for a policy that killed millions of people.

  • Viola42012's rating of the film Earth

    Grande pietra miliare, parte delle fondamentali opere dei grandi teorici russi (Ėjzenštejn, Pudovkin, Vertov). Temi comi il ciclo della vita, l'importanza della terra, la coltivazione di essa, i conflitti generazionali e sociali per il dominio dei campi, fusi in una pellicola che regala momenti di intensa commozione (la scena iniziale, l'epilogo, la morte del protagonista) in cui la propaganda fa spazio alla poesia.

  • Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Earth

    Undoubtfuly it carries a stunning and hunting photography work. It places the rise of communism in parallel with the cultural and political aspects of Ukraine's inhabitants. It depicts part of the resentment eastern Europeans hold in regard to Russia.

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