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Un padre, una figlia


Diretto da Cristian Mungiu
Romania, Francia, 2016


Though she’s won a scholarship and just needs to pass her final exams, the dreams of a small mountain town Transylvanian physician’s daughter could be jeopardized when she’s attacked.

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Un padre, una figlia Diretto da Cristian Mungiu
Strange reveries where characters mysteriously cry to themselves in the dark do not, at first glance, seem to be part of its aesthetic or narrative repertoire. But in these quiet moments—instances that stand in contrast to the central discourse of the film—Graduation takes on another dimension, and the director’s formal choices reveal their power. 
May 24, 2018
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There’s almost no shot in Graduation that isn’t a single or dual portrait. The camera never roams an interior or a landscape. Nor does it ever retreat into the far distance, or into gruesome close-ups. Everything is shot from the neat distance of a conversation—or an audience. Maybe every film director has to find ways of refusing the forms of theater. That’s one lesson of Graduation.
June 26, 2017
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A fascinating and fastidiously complex study of one man’s moral choices at a crucial juncture in his life, Cristian Mungiu’s “Graduation” is a thoroughgoing masterpiece which offers proof that Romania’s cinematic upsurge remains the most vital and important national film movement of the current century.
April 07, 2017
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