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Ginger and Fred

Ginger e Fred

Diretto da Federico Fellini
Francia, Germania Ovest, 1986
Drammatico, Commedia


Directed by Federico Fellini, this BAFTA-nominated satire tells the story of aging celebrity impersonators Amelia Bonetti (Giulietta Masina) and Pippo Botticella (Marcello Mastroianni), who made a name for themselves with a Ginger Rogers-Fred Astaire dancing act before parting ways.

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Ginger and Fred Diretto da Federico Fellini


Why is the beginning of the movie, Ginger’s arrival at Rome train station, her journey to the hotel and the few adventurous steps she takes outside, so beautiful? Is it because Fellini is a great filmmaker with a very sharp eye? Of course, but on television, this beauty is no longer quite the same. We see less Fellini the great visionary filmmaker and we suddenly realise that he is above all a great realist.
December 23, 1988
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