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Diretto da Erich von Stroheim
Stati Uniti, 1924
Muto, Drammatico


The sudden fortune won from a lottery fans such destructive greed that it ruins the lives of the three people involved.

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Greed Diretto da Erich von Stroheim
Within the contentious perspective of von Stroheim’s controversial career, Greed, his finest achievement, is like the gold within the soil, a gem that must be mined from its sullied context. And though it’s a film that in many ways attains its worth on the basis of this tarnished cultivation, the end product is a treasure no matter the process, and no matter its current condition.
November 17, 2017
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In Greed (1924), Erich von Stroheim certainly succeeds at rejecting a sanitized vision of human nature. What little sympathy we feel for his characters is largely grounded and overwritten by a combination of pity and revulsion. But the director does not simply forsake his subjects. He brings us to their level, offers us entry into their lives and, somehow, finds a recognisable humanity amid the horrors of their actions.
March 19, 2016
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Quite simply, in this critic’s estimation, GREED is the single best film ever made… [What happens after Marcus shoots his horse] is the most moving moment in any work of art I know of, delivered through the crystalline perfection of von Stroheim’s direction: a close up of a pair of fists, a lolling, crushed head, the briefest of kisses pressed atop a freed canary.
August 30, 2013
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