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Valutazioni e Recensioni

  1. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Greed

    Ambitious, but dated. I am sure if I saw it during its original release, it would have been much better....

  2. JUERGEN_K's rating of the film Greed

    missing the 06hour version

  3. nein's rating of the film Greed

    Great movie, a very important one, I know. But I still liked FOOLISH WIVES more. Maybe I didn't like it because I saw myself in Trina, ha ha ha.

  4. Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film Greed

    This must be the first movie with no character that serves as an ethic standpoint.

  5. Cole Caudle's rating of the film Greed

    So happy to see this recently at the BFI with live accompaniment. Fantastic use of deep space and associative editing. I would love to see the 4hr version.

  6. Lewis's rating of the film Greed

    Is the four hour version the version with stills spliced into it?

  7. Kian Ross's rating of the film Greed

    People might not be aware of this but Greed is availble on itunes for 10 bucks. It's not a DVD but it's something.

  8. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Greed

    4 hrs marathon... phew. first quarter is too slow. rest is very good. 4/5.

  9. Ciprian David's rating of the film Greed

    Only when walking around Tübingen, hands in my pocket and not at all at ease after watching Greed, I realized how intense these 2,5 hours were. I knew what to expect, but it still overwhelmed me. The music, the crossroads between signs and realism, drama and contemplation, the gaze of ZaSu Pitts - I'm so grateful i saw it!

  10. Gylfi's rating of the film Greed

    With the help of the restored 4hr version, you get a feeling of how big in scope Stroheim's Greed really was and how much love and affection went into the making of it. The people in charge of the restoration did a fantastic job indeed. A true gem of the silent era.

  11.'s rating of the film Greed

  12. Anton Williams's rating of the film Greed

    Big thanks for Italian 104-min version! It was really amazing!

  13. Dave's rating of the film Greed

    Watched the 2 1/2-hour version and thought it was outstanding, although it did carry some of the Magnificent Ambersons-type feeling where you knew you were missing something significant in spots. In sections, though, it is as brilliant as advertized. I need to see more from von Stroheim.

  14. MarcH's rating of the film Greed

    Powerful as hell. The version on iTunes (as of this writing) is a lovely print with beautiful tinting.

  15. Nino Lasso's rating of the film Greed

    The Kino Video restoration is quite worth the view, but I hope we get a 4-hour DVD soon! This is truly a masterpiece, despite being so awfully cropped from its original intentions. Same with a lot of von Stroheim's films.

  16. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Greed

  17. chanandre's rating of the film Greed

    [Cinémathèque PT #83: 35 mm]

  18. Sudarshan R.'s rating of the film Greed

    There is nothing in cinema like the finale in Death Valley...

  19. House 0f Leaves's rating of the film Greed

    I feel so luck to have seen ANY iteration of this film, but the four-hour version had to suffice. I am constantly blown away by what was achieved in the early days of cinema that has still not been surpassed--or is so cribbed-from that we've seen scenes from it a thousand times already). The places this film takes its characters are incredible, and it boasts an ending to beat all endings. Greed is good.

  20. talexander1971's rating of the film Greed

    Even though it is cut -- it is such a brilliant work -- completely enthralling and hypnotic. As far as I know -- not available on DVD? Such a crime.

  21. Guillaume Lauras's rating of the film Greed

    Can't wait to watch it again on dvd !

  22. Roscoe's rating of the film Greed

    Astonishing. Even in the cut two hour plus version, it can still pack one of the great wallops in American movies.

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