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Ingrid sulla strada

Diretto da Brunello Rondi
Italia, 1973


After being raped by her father, Ingrid moves to Rome and ends up becoming a prostitute. She finds a friend in Claudia, but Claudia’s protector is a sadistic thug by the name of Renato who will show her the worst of the what life in the city has to offer.

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Ingrid sulla strada Diretto da Brunello Rondi

Recensioni e valutazioni

  • $ROBINROSA$'s rating of the film Ingrid sulla strada

    The Roman milieu: corpse-like Roman aristocracy; empty artistic gestures; ridiculous underground crime; observed by the outsider (Ingrid), the inexperienced female merchandise enters a dangerous territory, the local clowns run the turf, she learns the hard way. I can see how the stories within the narrative are well constructed, it is the execution of the work that is very poor.