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Stati Uniti, 2015
Documentario, Musicale


Un viaggio con Jonny Greenwood nel Rajasthan, dove lui e il regista sono stati ospitati dal Maharaja of Jodhpur. La loro destinazione finale è il Forte Mehrangarh, costruito nel XV secolo, dove Greenwood e il compositore israeliano Shye Ben Tzur registrano un album insieme.

La nostra opinione

Con il chitarrista dei Radiohead Jonny Greenwood, il musicista israeliano Shye Ben Tzur e un cast di straordinari artisti indiani, lo specialissimo documentario di Anderson è un viaggio multi-musicale e multiculturale intimo ed eclettico. Preparatevi a un’avventura edificante.

What Anderson has crafted is one of the most beautiful (and beautiful-looking) tributes to artistic collaboration, which he presents not only as the ideal form of creative expression, but as a microcosm of utopian cooperation.
November 02, 2015
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Junun might be hard to classify, it can’t be pigeonholed as a music doco or a travel diary, but as a freeing filmic experiment from one of the most interesting filmmakers working today, it’s very much worth the hour-long commitment. To quote Jonny Greenwood’s first words captured on camera in Junun: well played.
October 16, 2015
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The film feels like a relaxed opportunity for Anderson to play in a congenial, unstressed setting… This non-major-work is an opportunity to revive and revise past styles, a chance to look forward a bit, and a no-pressure space to experiment.
October 08, 2015
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