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Just a Gigolo

Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo

Diretto da David Hemmings
Germania Ovest, 1978


After the First World War a young shell-shocked Prussian officer returns to Berlin. He finds that the life he knew there has vanished for ever; he cannot adjust to the new times. He drifts along without direction until finally he becomes a gigolo employed by Baroness von Semering.

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Just a Gigolo Diretto da David Hemmings


What makes these pearls fall all over the place and clutter up the screen, and ultimately seem about as artfully arranged as a dropped bag of jelly beans, is the conspicuous failure of any unit of thought, time or space to string all of it (and us) together. I’m afraid that includes Bowie, a marvelous nonactorly film objet in The Man Who Fell to Earth who can’t project an interesting or convincing continuity across the chasms that separate the set pieces here.
May 06, 1981
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