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Nel corso del tempo

Im Lauf der Zeit

Diretto da Wim Wenders
Germania Ovest, 1976


Il film racconta il viaggio attraverso la Germania rurale su un camion di seconda mano di due uomini di trent’anni: Bruno, un proiezionista, e Robert, uno psicolinguista.

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Nel corso del tempo Diretto da Wim Wenders
The Road Trilogy was made by a young filmmaker extending his reach, his resources, achieving early maturity and mastery. It’s extremely rare to find movies this open-ended and assured, lucid and lyrical, tender and truthful, anchored in the here and now yet timeless. They are brimming with a sense of shared adventure.
June 04, 2016
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Mr. Vogler plays an itinerant mechanic, traveling from town to town repairing movie projectors — a conceit that allows the film to mourn the end of movies as a mass medium while dramatizing one character’s assertion that “the Yanks colonized our subconscious.” It is Mr. Wenders’s definitive statement and arguably his masterpiece.
June 03, 2016
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One of the key European films of the 1970s, a high-water mark of the New German Cinema and, to my mind, the purest piece of cinema that Wim Wenders has ever produced. It is a gloriously lyrical, ramshackle reflection on life, cinema (and cinemas), male identity, women, postwar alienation, children, and rock and roll, all wrapped up in a road movie that, if we are to believe Wenders, cast and crew made up as they went along, once the initial premise had been established.
June 02, 2016
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