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Diretto da Kim Ki-duk
Corea del Sud, 2013
Horror, Thriller


Consumed with hatred against her husband for his long time infidelity, the wife wants to take revenge against him but ends up inflicting a fatal wound to the son, and then disappears overwhelmed with guilt.

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Moebius Diretto da Kim Ki-duk
Yes, Kim is effectively inverting a family melodrama, muting its dialogue and foregrounding its uncomfortable psychosexual underpinnings so that viewers can deduce the more conventional story underneath. Still, comparison… isn’t much of an endpoint, and the double casting of Lee doesn’t exactly help matters; when it comes down to it, this a movie where the only major female characters are intentionally interchangeable and exist only to castrate men.
August 14, 2014
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That comic knack is disarming, and also a little disturbing, as Mr. Kim shows off a Lars von Trier-esque talent for ratcheting his puppets and their boldfaced psychosexual issues into motion, but with convenient gaps in emotional intelligence… But the withholding of speech ultimately feels less like purist visual storytelling and more like a sadistic hobbling of his characters.
August 14, 2014
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Prankster though he sometimes is, Kim is never merely kidding around. There’s a poignant undercurrent to all this extremity, which is weirdly admirable, even though it isn’t terribly effective. On some level, Kim genuinely means to explore the masochistic nature of desire and its destructive influence on the family; his approach isn’t as aggressively absurdist as J.G. Ballard’s conflation of sex with auto wrecks in Crash, perhaps, but he’s tilling roughly the same field.
August 12, 2014
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