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Monsieur Verdoux

Diretto da Charlie Chaplin
Stati Uniti, 1947
Commedia, Crime, Drammatico


A suave but cynical man supports his family by marrying and murdering rich women for their money, but the job has some occupational hazards.

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Monsieur Verdoux Diretto da Charlie Chaplin
As the cold war has become the war on terror, and yesterday’s atom bombs today’s drones, Verdoux continues to haunt us and make us laugh. It’s as dated as its time, yet as fresh as today’s headlines.
March 29, 2013
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This feeling of internal conflict, the friction found between like and self-doubt, ultimately poses the film’s central question: What constitutes morally acceptable behavior in a world where injustice is universal? The point of Verdoux’s conspicuously charming personality isn’t so much to make him appealing as it is to engage critically with that kind of appeal…
March 28, 2013
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The sharpest and funniest of Chaplin’s audacious late films, it is also the most complex: a comic attack on the middle-class values of success and respectability that crosses from gallows humor into moral inquiry, a film that exposes its protagonist even as it encourages its audience to laugh with him.
March 27, 2013
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