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Valutazioni e Recensioni

  1. Carlo Capalbo's rating of the film One Second

  2. Eternality Tan's rating of the film One Second

    It doesn’t always work, but Zhang Yimou’s delayed new picture, about a man trying to find a reel of film that contains a shot of his long-lost daughter, features stunning performances from Zhang Yi and newcomer Liu Haocun.

  3. Xiang Li's rating of the film One Second

    After I read MUBI synopsis, I reconstructed the plots in my imagination and it felt like a masterpiece. The final part is very unnecessary - it would have ended well with 张闺女 waving the newspaper piece. Zhang Yi honestly dragged me out of Zhang Yimou's cinematic world with his overdone performance. Still, it's Zhang Yimou's most delicate effort in recent years. 3 for the film I saw, 4 for the one in my imagination.

  4. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film One Second

    7.7/10, "It is not even patriotic, ONE SECOND, when all is said and done, is a thoroughgoing heartstring-plucker that bravely sails through the troubled waters safe and sound."

  5. qw0aszx's rating of the film One Second

    We can pretend that extended reshot ending part never exists, but the core part, which is the reason why this story happened, the one and only motivation of the protagonist, the direct and sharp reflection of the cultural revolution (which was never mentioned in the final film), was censored, making us have to use our imagination to make our own versions in our minds to make this film happening.