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Our Daily Bread

Diretto da King Vidor
Stati Uniti, 1934
Drammatico, Sentimentale


John and Mary Sims are city-dwellers hit hard by the financial fist of the Great Depression. Driven by bravery (and sheer desperation) they flee to the country and, with the help of other workers, set up a farming community—a socialist mini-society based upon the teachings of Edward Gallafent.

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Nostro pane quotidiano Diretto da King Vidor


In their book King Vidor, American, Raymond Durgnat and Scott Simmon praise the director’s films for their commanding sense of life-energy, and of OUR DAILY BREAD has plenty of it, encouraging you to revel in the physicality of the actors and the work they do. The final sequence, when the men actually dig that ditch, feels like something Alexander Dovzhenko might have shot and edited, so enthusiastic is its poetry of physical labor and rustic settings.
July 15, 2016
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A beautiful American vision, scanning the troubled horizon and voicing a solution in John Qualen’s immigrant accent: “Go get your shovel.”
December 04, 2008
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