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Porto of My Childhood

Porto da Minha Infância

Diretto da Manoel de Oliveira
Portogallo, 2001
Documentario, Drammatico


This astonishingly little seen documentary about Portugal’s second largest city, Porto, is a tribute by Manoel de Oliveira to the city of his childhood, where the director masterly interweaves fact and fiction together.

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Porto of My Childhood Diretto da Manoel de Oliveira


The film is built around memories: the house where Oliveira was born (seen as an eerie ruin), distant sense-impressions (the sound of horses at night), and dramatic reconstructions in which the young Manoel is played by the director’s grandsons Jorge and Ricardo Trepa. These vivid re-enactments include a visit to a play, the director himself cheerfully donning wig and moustache to appear as a stage burglar.
December 01, 2008
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The freedom and unself-conscious grace with which [Oliveira] moves back and forth between past and present, fiction and nonfiction, is astonishing: he makes this capacity seem as simple as breathing and as natural as remembering.
March 21, 2003
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