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Ray + Liz
Richard Billingham Regno Unito, 2018
Stunningly shot on Super 16mm by Daniel Landin, RAY & LIZ dreamily unfolds as a triptych, fictionalized re-enactments of everyday rituals and details that defy chronology as if jutting forth from memory itself, and are as much about desperation and poverty as they are resistance and small moments of grace.
January 02, 2019
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This dynamic work with the reality, that doesn’t want to transcend it but offers another angle to deal with memory, is the mirror or rather the diaphragm existing in between [Ray & Liz and No Home Movie].
December 28, 2018
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A stale slice of British miserablism in which every buzzing insect and human agony is lovingly lit and photographed.
October 03, 2018
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Richard Billingham’s jump from photography to filmmaking is nothing short of astounding, given how assured, challenging, and compelling Ray & Liz is.
September 17, 2018
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Even with the added artworld shine, there is something inherently phony about RAY & LIZ, a film that starts with a broad, “Benny Hill”-level comedy riff about tormenting a man on the wagon, and then strains to end on a note of unfit-parent pathos.
September 05, 2018
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These cutaways, which Billingham captures in the same beautifully unorthodox framings employed throughout, serve to interrupt and subtly fragment the action, leaping forth like impressionistic shards of his childhood memories. When combined with the careful accentuation of certain everyday noises on the soundtrack, an underlying rhythm is produced which confers an extra layer of propulsion on to the plot.
August 15, 2018
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As with Billingham’s photographs, Ray & Liz employs a painterly and meticulously framed formal register to portray his family over two decades. It is a nuanced memoir that eschews melodrama in favor of the kind of photographic detail that you can feel with your fingertips (including a meal routine that surely wins the award for best condiment-based sandwich in cinema).
August 08, 2018
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One of the stranger films to premiere at the festival—at once exactly what one expects from a certain genre of British film, yet undeniably attractive and with a profound and ungraspable odd-streak running through it—Ray & Liz is one of the few new films here I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.
August 07, 2018
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