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Diretto da Leonor Noivo
Portogallo, 2019


Cunning and slender, harassed and on the run, reynard is a metaphor of a never ending obsession with each breath, each gesture, each thought. Marta seeks in the emptiness of her body a way to arrive to her inner essence, in an abstract search of a free spirit that might end in her own enclosure.

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Reynard Diretto da Leonor Noivo


The movie is only thinly veiled in fiction; Noivo trains her camera on the meticulous meal planning of an anorexic (played by co-writer Patrícia Guerreiro)—weighing herself, apportioning ingredients, cataloguing emotional states as diary entries. Raposa affirms this frailest of presences as she struggles inch-by-inch, second-by-second to put in the nuts-and-bolts work of survival.
August 01, 2019
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