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Fellini Satyricon

Fellini - Satyricon

Diretto da Federico Fellini
Italia, Francia, 1969
Drammatico, Fantasy


Man-about-town Encolpio (Martin Potter) roams high and low through every strata of Roman society in pursuit of a slave boy stolen by his rival (Hiram Keller), experiencing all manner of erotic, sadomasochistic and depraved escapades.

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Fellini Satyricon Diretto da Federico Fellini
Upon revisit, Satyricon actually proves quite straightforward, if still governed by its own rambling, discursive attention patterns. Throughout the film, Fellini reduces the screen to a kind of moving fresco filled with bodies and architectural designs, atomising the visual experience. The act of travelling with and through Rotunno’s camera is as vital an act as paying attention to the story or dialogue, indeed moreso, as we are immersed in Fellini’s constructed world.
March 31, 2017
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The movie that most aggressively embodies this [Fellini-esque] aesthetic, for better and (much more often) worse, is 1969’s Fellini Satyricon, a nonstop parade of garish decadence that’s being released this week as part of the Criterion collection. Frequently marvelous to look at, the film is nevertheless something of a trial to endure; it feels dispiritingly like the work of a director who was reading way too much of his own press.
February 25, 2015
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This is a film about disguise, about people becoming caricatures of themselves, talking like imitations of their own worst performances, running into comic-book versions of their nightmares. It is about death too, as the novel is, but death itself is travestied in the film. Disguise and mockery are the vivid methods by which the director and his characters diligently fail to keep it at bay.
February 24, 2015
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