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Una vampata d'amore

Gycklarnas afton

Diretto da Ingmar Bergman
Svezia, 1953


Aging,portly, traveling circus owner and ring master Albert Johansson is passing with hisdown-and-out troupe through a provincial town wherehis tobacco shop owner wife Agda liveswith his children. Albert is tired of running and is yearning for the stability of a bourgeois life.

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Una vampata d'amore Diretto da Ingmar Bergman


I still prefer it to most of [Bergman’s] canonical masterworks. Everyone’s miserable but they’re not yet so floridly articulate about it, and there’s a truly fascinating mix of performance styles, from Annika Tretow’s pragmatic naturalism as Alma (a role model for independent women if there ever was one) to Hasse Ekman’s nakedly expressionistic leering.
June 26, 2012
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This 1953 film is perhaps the most German expressionist of Bergman’s 50s works, as redolent of sexual cruelty and angst as Variety and The Blue Angel, but no less impressive for all that.
January 01, 1996
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