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Spring Breakers - Una vacanza da sballo

Spring Breakers

Diretto da Harmony Korine
Stati Uniti, Francia, 2012
Commedia, Crime, Drammatico


Quattro amiche finiscono in prigione dopo aver derubato un ristorante per finanziare le loro vacanze di primavera. Un rapper paga la cauzione e promette di far loro vivere la vacanza più eccitante della loro vita…

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Spring Breakers - Una vacanza da sballo Diretto da Harmony Korine

Premi e Festival

Venice Film Festival

2012 | Menzione speciale: Future Film Festival Digital Award

Independent Spirit Awards

2014 | Candidato: Best Cinematography

Never has a Britney Spears song been so incisively, intelligently choreographed. Never has James Franco, starring as cosmic gangster/rapper Alien and a one-man minstrel show, looked so high off his own supply. Never has spring break looked so liberating and tedious at the same time, when the empty, endless drudgery of partying becomes its own punishment.
June 29, 2018
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What the eye desires – which the camera denies – is to unite the mouths and the legs, the faces and the sexes. The bodies remain divided by a blurred aquatic line which frustrates the senses and provokes excitement. In the open air we have the sensuality of whispers and looks. Beneath we have the abrupt sensuality and voluptuousness of penetration. It is this hazardous alternation which stuns and makes of the camera a fourth playful participant.
July 01, 2015
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In Spring Breakers, Korine’s concerned with re-associating our world and reasserting an ancient connection mostly lost on contemporary US culture. The American Pastoral is not at odds with the crazy violence of America. It’s merely its most natural setting. In our myopic pop culture, that keeps our world neatly compartmentalized, Korine forces us to reckon with the true price of Paradise and the true nature of Ecstasy. And if we don’t like it, we’d do best to take the early bus back home.
April 18, 2013
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