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Valutazioni e Recensioni

  1. Kieran Charnock's rating of the film Tall Enough

    Some of the most intimate photography I've seen. Yet, whilst this film's pictures make the film's vision clear to all, the action contained in the pictures sways too often into cliché. There were moments of creativity in the delivery, but largely, the structure was too orthodox. The poeticism of the film was let down by the film's distinct lack of surprise or revelation. It was more like a photo shoot than a story.

  2. _sans.soleil_'s rating of the film Tall Enough

    This ad seems for Micah, a fictional character from Jenkins previous film: "they call it interracial dating, but there's nothing interracial about it. 9 out of 10 times is somebody of color hanging on a white person. u never see a fucking black girl & an Asian dude, an Indian guy & a Latino girl. It's always 1 of us clinging on 1 of them" So dear Micah, for Bloomingdale's, all that matter is that he's tall enough.

  3. manybits's rating of the film Tall Enough

    It's a Bloomingdale's ad. Jenkins must pay the bills like everybody else.