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The Demon

Il demonio

Diretto da Brunello Rondi
Italia, 1963
Drammatico, Horror


Purif, young peasant of the South Italy, is considered from the people a possessed one and a witch. All of the village is hostile to its activity magical and sorceress. The girl will be preserve from the community, undergoing a tragic and violent death.

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The Demon Diretto da Brunello Rondi


The peculiar affect of the thing is intriguing. It’s a catalogue of personal disasters, but not depressing the way a Lars von Trier film would tend to be, and it’s all aestheticized suffering, but it stops just short of eroticizing pain. Female suffering is beautified without being glamorized: perhaps something the film learned from the rich history of Catholic art.
April 28, 2016
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The most powerful magic at work here is that of the film’s editing, both its mechanics and the logic of causation it implies: when we see a woman’s face, followed by a dimming candle, it’s hard to fight the sense that the former is causing the latter by some superhuman feat, even though we know better.
May 29, 2015
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