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Il monello

The Kid

Diretto da Charlie Chaplin
Stati Uniti, 1921
Commedia, Drammatico, Per famiglie


The Little Tramp unwillingly takes in an abandoned baby. He quickly softens up to the boy and after a few years, they make their living together as a team. One day, the child falls ill and social services try to take him away…

La nostra opinione

This early mini-masterpiece from Charlie Chaplin often takes the backseat to his more revered features like City Lights and Modern Times, but The Kid contains just as many pleasures and laughs as well as the depth that makes his work immortal.

Il monello Diretto da Charlie Chaplin
One marvels at how the gags seem fall into place, how adroit everyone—but especially six-year-old Jackie Coogan—is at physical comedy. Here, as in most of his films, Chaplin uses his fellow actors to construct an emotional universe in which the grandiose expressiveness of the Tramp makes sense. THE KID is a remarkable fusion of humor and sentiment, outdone only by Chaplin’s later CITY LIGHTS.
January 06, 2017
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The Kid reveals how closely Chaplin’s irreverent slapstick could be intertwined with his sentiment. And rather than simply making the Tramp more palatable to middle-class tastes of the day, Chaplin’s new emotional range provided the core of his lasting appeal.
February 18, 2016
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While The Kid could easily be chalked-up as a sentimental father-son reconciliation narrative, Chaplin’s persistent interest in the juxtaposition of technology and tradition deepens the quality of the film’s convictions by complicating a conventional, melodramatic template.
February 16, 2016
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