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La signora scompare

The Lady Vanishes

Diretto da Alfred Hitchcock
Regno Unito, 1938
Commedia, Giallo, Thriller


Stranded in small country due to bad weather, passengers of a trans-euro train must hole up in a small hotel for the night. Socialite Iris Henderson meets old governess, Miss Froy, who vanishes without a trace by sunrise. The young woman investigates the mysterious disappearance.

La signora scompare Diretto da Alfred Hitchcock

Premi e Festival

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1939 | Vincitore: Best Director

1939 | 2° posto: Best Film

Any brutality here is brisk—from a knock on the noggin with a flowerpot to a climactic gunfight—and Hitchcock manages to be impish and nerve-wracking simultaneously.
November 11, 2016
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For Hitchcock, that which one most admires about him and which gives such power to his films and to his virtuosity as a director is the way he depicts the fragility of one’s sense of a personal self when confronted with forces which threaten its integrity by putting into doubt one’s social and official self. Nevertheless there remains in his films a ghost of a personal identity, ultimately presented – often not without humour – as the real me.
February 02, 2015
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Although film schools all teach a semester-long course on Alfred Hitchcock, they might as well just show 1938’s THE LADY VANISHES on the first day of freshman year and tell the students he never got it quite as right again. In the director’s penultimate UK feature, the plot is tight and the action is full of suspense, but it is the characters that keep us entertained throughout.
March 21, 2014
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