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Il gusto dell'anguria

Tian bian yi duo yun

Diretto da Tsai Ming-liang
Taiwan, 2005
Drammatico, Musical, Culto


A Taiwan c’è una tale siccità che il governo invita la popolazione a sostituire l’acqua con il succo d’anguria. Solitari, assetati e esausti dal calore e dal desiderio, due sconosciuti si ritrovano per perdersi nell’eccitazione torrida e nel gusto dell’anguria.

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Il gusto dell'anguria Diretto da Tsai Ming-liang

Premi e Festival

Berlin International Film Festival

2005 | 2 premi, tra cui: Outstanding Artistic Achievement (Silver Bear)

Village Voice Film Poll

2005 | Candidato: Best Undistributed Film


Minimally plotted, circuitous and deeply strange, it is a film that springs some wholly unexpected and/or demented image on us at least every couple of minutes… [The] musical sequences have a curious, otherworldly rhythm, as if acted out in slow motion then speeded back up to regular pace in the edit. They are totally nuts, but will still leave you unprepared for the riskiness – the brazen, eye-widening shock value – of the set piece Tsai inflicts at the end.
June 12, 2015
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Hinged on the secrecy and privacy of Hsiao-Kang, it generates a comedy and a tragedy of unknownness at the same time, together exploring ‘the joys and sorrows of being alone and of being with someone else’, a quintessential quality of film musical (Rosenbaum, 1996). Indeed, although without stylized movements, the sequence acquires a ‘musical’ quality—it goes for the spirit, if not the letter, of choreography.
December 17, 2012
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This film pushes Tsai into heretofore unseen realms of visual flourish and experimentation. The Wayward Cloud feels like Tsai’s least perfect film . . . and also his boldest. With Tsai’s trademark precise, static, yet inexplicably energizing mise-en-scène, The Wayward Cloud unfolds with an otherworldly, almost dreamlike logic.
February 19, 2007
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