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Thirst Street

Diretto da Nathan Silver
Francia, Stati Uniti, 2017
Drammatico, Commedia, Sentimentale


Gina, an American flight attendant, falls in with a Parisian bartender on a layover only to find herself tangled in a web of deception, delusion and unrequited amour fou.

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Thirst Street Diretto da Nathan Silver
If maybe more contrived and less risky than his previous affairs, Thirst Street is Silver appropriate salute to amour-fou. Burdge is never out of control, or portrayed like a neurotic women; her attitude of naivete and obliviousness is exemplary awkward but also shows an unrestricted frailty . Silver never uses one-dimensional characters and here is no exception: even Bonnard, at his most deceptive, is just an aimless man, discouraged and adrift.
November 11, 2017
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Now would be as good a time as any to confess a friendly acquaintance with the involved talent here, as well as feeling a powerful ambivalence towards every new film of Silver’s. And I think this is the desired effect: With the willfully lurid suicide scene, the intrusion of Angelica Huston’s narration, and above all the spacey opacity of Burdge’s performance, which has more than a touch of Julie Hagerty to it, Thirst Street rejects every entry to empathy, a real pebble-in-the-sock agitation.
May 10, 2017
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Nathan Silver is no stranger to docu-art hybrid, but his latest directorial effort is decidedly not that. His most visually audacious work to date, co-written with C. Mason Wells, evokes the textures of the past, of Walerian Borowczyk and Andrzej Żuławski at once sharpened and softened into something playful. Sean Price Williams lends an excellent eye, dousing grainy video in boudoir reds and louche neons in thisappealing pastiche whose pretentiousness maintains a high degree of accessibility.
May 03, 2017
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