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Trouble in Paradise

Diretto da Ernst Lubitsch
Stati Uniti, 1932
Commedia, Crime, Sentimentale


A gentleman thief and a lady pickpocket join forces to con a beautiful perfume heiress—only to have romantic entanglements and jealousies confuse the scheme.

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Trouble in Paradise Diretto da Ernst Lubitsch
With a screenplay by his frequent collaborator Samson Raphaelson, he attained an unsurpassable perfection with Trouble in Paradise in 1932 (“For pure style, I have done nothing better or as good,” he later acknowledged), a game of deceptions and surprises weaving intricate patterns on the themes of theft and seduction and complicity. No Lubitsch film more fully realizes his wish to make a film like a piece of music, in this instance a sonata of Mozartean grace.
June 01, 2017
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There is order and morality in Lubitsch’s immorality, as in the 1932 Trouble in Paradise, one of his finest achievements. . . . The movie achieves the rare feat of making both women seem entirely worthy of the hero’s affections.
May 31, 2017
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The final scene runs for scarcely 45 seconds. It is a simple framing of two actors – Miriam Hopkins and Herbert Marshall – sitting in an obviously artificial car prop, with a back-projected bit of filmed traffic. Only one shot, and only one excited word over the musical score, uttered by Hopkins just before the closing fade-out: “Gaston!” So simple – and yet many of the techniques that made Lubitsch such a masterful director of comedy coalesce in this exhilarating ending.
March 03, 2017

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