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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Onkel Toms Hütte

Diretto da Géza von Radványi
Germania Ovest, Jugoslavia, 1965


A group of slaves struggle to retain their dignity when they’re sold to plantation owner Simon Legree.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Diretto da Géza von Radványi

Premi e Festival

German Film Awards

1965 | Vincitore: Best Cinematography (Gold)

Recensioni e valutazioni

  • Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Uncle Tom's Cabin

    What makes the film outstanding are the introduction of the story (with shots of present day New York and off-screen commentary by Jeffery Hunter) and end song by Eartha Kitt (on screen) with the end credits. Many versions of the film edit those out. It is an European film on an American subject with a carefully picked cast. And what a brilliant use of songs by the Hungarian director.

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