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Diretto da Clint Eastwood
Stati Uniti, 1992


In this Oscar-winning western, a reward for the murder of a pair of cowboys draws two clashing sets of gunslingers to a small town with a sheriff who doesn’t stand for vigilante justice.

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Unforgiven Diretto da Clint Eastwood

Premi e Festival

Academy Awards

1993 | 4 premi, tra cui: Best Picture

1993 | 5 candidature, tra cui: Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

National Film Preservation Board

2004 | Vincitore: National Film Registry

It has a distinct genre intelligence that is familiar to all of Eastwood’s finest movies, which can feel like the work of a studied rhetorician who builds our expectations and assumptions before systematically breaking them down. Eastwood uses the classical Western’s own formal strategies against it. He’ll give you the familiar lead-in to a shootout — hopping back and forth from holster to holster, gaze to gaze — only to have one man chicken out.
August 10, 2017
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These flashes of fuckuppery contribute to the movie’s cautionary resonance: Unforgiven is a stark western in slow motion, obsessed with reflection, not action… It’s this kind of emotional and situational complexity — ninety minutes of narrative tension leading up to a shouted conversation about water as a body bleeds out — that continues to distinguish Unforgiven.
August 02, 2017
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As a filmmaker and personality, Clint Eastwood has been one of Hollywood’s most problematic creators but most people would agree that this 1992 Oscar winner, a movie he waited years to make (wanting to be the same age as its hired-killer protagonist), gave him his strongest role. Also his greatest movie—and maybe even the last truly great western that anyone will make.
August 01, 2017
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