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Austria, Germania, 2017


Più di due anni dopo la morte improvvisa di Michael Glawogger nell’aprile del 2014, la tecnica del montaggio Monika Willi decise di realizzare un film a partire dal materiale girato in 4 mesi e 19 giorni tra Balcani, Italia e Africa Occidentale e Nordoccidentale.

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Untitled Diretto da Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi


The film gradually builds up a mosaic and democratic portrait of life around the globe, taking the viewer on a freely associative journey that awakens a formidable range and mingling of emotions, from awe to horror and everything in between. It’s a pity that Willi didn’t trust the images to speak for themselves and decided to include a voice-over based on blog entries that Glawogger wrote for two newspapers during the shoot.
February 17, 2017
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We learn late in Untitled that Glawogger often dreamed of disappearing to Harper, Liberia, considering it one of the few untouched places where one could “become invisible”. This sequence, featuring beautifully rain-dappled images of the town and its inhabitants, speaks most productively to the utility of the narration, redeploying Glawogger’s own words and allowing them to add a final touch of earned poignancy to what is one of the more welcomingly cathartic nonfiction films in recent memory.
February 17, 2017
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It’s a shame that “stunning” and “unbelievable” are so overused, because these worn out descriptors would really come in handy for me right about now. Children and goats swarm mounds of garbage at a landfill; skateboards as a means of transport through a nighttime market where the electricity falls out and, when it flips back on again, an entire city “oohs” and “ahhs”; wrestlers, their dark bodies patterned with patches of white sand; the skeletal structures of abandoned villages in the Balkans.
February 16, 2017
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