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An Odyssey Through Contemporary Brazilian Cinema

An Odyssey Through Contemporary Brazilian Cinema

Our selection captures the bold and diverse nature of contemporary Brazilian filmmaking: unafraid to experiment with form and genre, to highlight fierce and unusual stories, and amplify extraordinary cinematic voices and bold or marginal experiences. From sharp political thrillers and tense family dramas to colorful samba documentaries and poetic meditations on conflict and crisis: rest assured that with this distinctly diverse spectrum of Brazilian films, we’ve definitely got you covered!


Marco Dutra, Juliana Rojas Brazil, 2017

Springing from an urban legend, this ferociously inventive Brazilian “creature feature” combines sharp social observation and lesbian desire with unsettling fantasy elements. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Locarno, Good Manners is a visually exciting and boundary-pushing gem of genre cinema.

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Maíra Bühler Brazil, 2019

This tender portrait of drug users residing in a hostel-turned-social housing project is a tough yet hopeful act of cinematic communion. Deeply devoted to its subjects, but also providing space to bring them closer to each other, Let It Burn absorbs great emotion, culminating in musical release.


Gabriel Mascaro Brazil, 2015

Neon Bull captures the world of Brazil’s vaquejada rodeo tradition through a sensual, intimate, and realist style—finding grace in the mundane, unearthing tenderness within the bestial. The human is never far from the animal in this meditative, scintillating slice-of-life portrait of a community.