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Restored By Nicolas Winding Refn

Restored By Nicolas Winding Refn

“It was a myth… No one had ever seen it.” —Nicolas Winding Refn on The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

Welcome to the world of byNWR


Born from Nicolas Winding Refn’s passion for the rare, the forgotten and the unknown, byNWR breathes new life into the culturally intriguing and influential. Home to cultural ephemera created by an array of Guest Editors and contributors, our beautifully restored and revived cinematic gems inspire a world of original content, where we share, enjoy and look to the future with hope, prosperity and the idea that culture is for everyone.

Night Tide

Curtis Harrington United States, 1961

Enter the witchy world of 60s B-movies! A young (but still crazy) Dennis Hopper starred in Curtis Harrington’s career-launching indie horror flick, which spins atmospheric, playful tales of the supernatural in the vein of Val Lewton or Carnival of Souls. A cult classic, now restored in HD!

Hot Thrills and Warm Chills

Dale Berry United States, 1967

Rita Alexander stars as the towering gang leader of a trio of hoodlum gals looking to make one last big score, run away with a mess of diamonds and live the dream in paradise. An eccentric gem from Texas wildcard director Dale Berry, underscored by a relentlessly brilliant Perez Prado soundtrack.

Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers

Larry E. Jackson United States, 1967

A late entry in the “hicksploitation,” country music, drive-in movie genre, this eye-poppingly colorful oddball corrals a motley crew of lesser-known music performers and fading Hollywood legends (Lila Lee and Sonny Tufts) into a moonshine-soaked sort-of-chase picture, punctuated by great tunes.

Stark Fear

Ned Hockman, Skip Homeier United States, 1962

A sleazy, slippery noir set in the shadowy oil fields of Oklahoma, Stark Fear was the only film directed by WWII cameraman Ned Hockman. More than a B-movie oddity, this cult grindhouse classic is laced with the sting of Hitchcock, and pitch-perfect performances from Beverly Garland & Skip Homeier.

She-Man: A Story of Fixation

Bob Clark United States, 1967

A curious cross-dressing hybrid of psychodrama and intrigue, filmed in Florida, clearly made to capitalize on the Christine Jorgensen sex change mania of the 1950s. Directed by a pre-Porky’s and Black Christmas Bob Clark, with an arguably sympathetic viewpoint towards trans men and women.

The Believer's Heaven

Ron Ormond United States, 1977

The final collaboration between devout Christian grindhouse director Ron Ormond and Rev. Estus Pirkle takes you on a trip to heaven (with a sprinkle of hell for good measure). Strap in for this kitschy and peculiar mix of Biblical drama, educational film, and Tod Browning-style “freak” sideshow!

Walk the Walk

Jac Zacha United States, 1970

Restored from its only surviving print materials, this semi-autobiographical debut from director Jac Zacha offers a jagged ride through the drug underground of the 1970s. With the stoner wilds of psychedelic Los Angeles as the main backdrop, Walk the Walk is a bizarre yet elegantly shot swan song.

Ears, Eyes and Throats: Restored Classic and Lost Punk Films 1976-1981

Richard Gaikowski, Graeme Whifler, The Residents & 3 others United States, 2019

A vivid snapshot of a fertile moment in American underground culture, this anthology of rare/classic punk films is shot through with a DIY ethos and collective spirit of experimentation. From chronicles of punk gigs (DEVO! The Residents!), to surrealist music videos: the spirit of anarchy presides!

House of Seven Belles

Andy Milligan United States, 1979

Cult horror auteur Andy Milligan has a select yet fanatical fandom: among them is Nicolas Winding Refn, who protects his legacy by salvaging obscure prints. This incomplete Civil War epic is one of them. Shot on Staten Island, yet packed full of Southern gothic touches, it’s more than just a curio.

The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

Bert Williams United States, 1965

An undercover agent is sent to infiltrate bootleggers in the Florida Everglades, but winds up lost in the swamps and stuck in a decrepit hotel with a few of peculiar inhabitants. What starts off like a police actioner quickly morphs into an unholy fairy tale of Southern Gothic melodrama and horror.

The Burning Hell

Ron Ormond United States, 1974

Never intended for general exhibition, this evangelical outreach film was made to depict, in the most vivid cinematic terms, where non-believers and sinners shall go lest they be saved. Based on the sermons of a Southern Baptist preacher and directed by notorious exploitation filmmaker Ron Ormond.

Spring Night, Summer Night

Joseph L. Anderson United States, 1967

The melancholy story of a half brother and sister in rural southern Ohio whose relationship suddenly turns intimate, sending the already-struggling farm family into a crisis of love, shame and recrimination. Cast entirely with regional actors and filmed on location in shimmering 35mm B&W.

Orgy of the Dead

Stephen C. Apostolof United States, 1965

A gloriously garish, über-camp “nudie cutie,” with a screenplay written by the infamous director Ed Wood: we’re sold! But wait, there’s more. It stars American psychic Criswell (of Plan 9 from Outer Space fame), a plethora of stripteases, and some truly demented costumes. In short: a cult classic!

Satan in High Heels

Jerald Intrator United States, 1962

Stacey Kane (Meg Myles) is the anti-hero of Satan in High Heels, a carnival stripper who goes on the lam and proceeds to bend the nightclub world to her devices in a series of intense power plays.

Emerald Cities

Rick Schmidt United States, 1983

In a near-future 1980s, a small desert town’s Santa Claus goes to the big city in search of his wayward daughter. On that simple premise hangs this delirious punk rock collage of Cold War fears, suburban encroachment, and magic mushroom sandwiches.

The Maidens of Fetish Street

Saul Resnick United States, 1966

One-of-a-kind “experimental grindhouse” film (and the sole effort by director Saul Resnick) is a series of kinky vignettes centered around a lonely, wandering soul, purportedly set in a 1928 Los Angeles that seems curiously infused with 1960s S&M iconography.

One Shocking Moment

Ted V. Mikels United States, 1965

No-budget auteur Ted V. Mikels (The Astro-Zombies, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils) ventures into lurid melodrama with a story of an executive and his nubile wife arriving in a new town and tangling with the S&M-tinged gang from the local exotic nightclub, leading to all manner of duos and triads.

Guilty Bystander

Joseph Lerner United States, 1950

Ex-cop Max Thursday sweats in a cheap flophouse in an alcoholic haze until his ex-wife appears, sending him on a desperate race against time and the bottle. A key independently-made noir gem by director Joseph Lerner, shot entirely on location in New York City.

House on Bare Mountain

Lee Frost United States, 1962

Exploitation film maven Bob Cresse goes full drag as the matriarch of “Granny Good’s School for Good Girls” in this delightfully silly “nudie cutie,” which somehow mashes the “old dark house” monster movie, lowbrow comedy, the rock & roll dance party and the peep show, in eye-popping candy colors.

Wild Guitar

Ray Dennis Steckler United States, 1962

An aspiring teen pop singer lands in L.A. to try make it big, and is swallowed up by the evils of showbiz in this delightfully low-budget musical. Directed by underground filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler, with Vilmos Zsigmond as DoP, this ultimate rags-to-riches saga teeters on the edge of spoof.

Murder in Mississippi

Joseph P. Mawra United States, 1965

Torn-from-the-headlines exploitation or daring social commentary? Joseph P. Mawra’s film is a little of both, using the true story of the killing of civil rights workers in the American deep South as a gritty springboard for another ultra-low-budget entry from the director of Chained Girls.

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