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by Kenji
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DO CLICK ON READ MORE. Thanks to all following this surprisingly popular list of important, critically admired and well-known directors. The list and placings are largely objective, with some room for personal taste, a few wild cards included.

FIRST A PANTHEON IN 2 PARTS, alphabetically, (top 10 from Bergman to Varda, Queen of Mubi, then 11-34 from Akerman to Wong)
THE REST, in changing order

Suggestions always welcome.

THE 100:
Akerman, Allen, Almodovar, Altman, Anderson (P.T), Anderson (W), Angelopoulos, Antonioni, Bergman, Bertolucci, Bong, Bresson, Bunuel, Cameron, Capra, Cassavetes, Ceylan, Chaplin,...

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