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2002, Ranked

by Caden Cotard

Adaptation: A
28 Days Later/Bloody Sunday: A
The Hours: A-
The Two Towers: A-
The Sixth Sense: A-
25th Hour: A
Catch Me If You Can: A-
Gangs of New York: A-
Chicago: A-
24 Hour Party People: A-
The Good Girl: B+
Panic Room: B+
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: B
The Bourne Identity: B
Spiderman: B
Blade II: B
Men In Black II: B
Resident Evil: B
Minority Report: B
The Pianist: B-
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: B-
The Ring: B-
Ice Age: B-
Star Wars Episode II: C-
Equilibrium: D-