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2013 in film

by dana danger

what i’ve watched this year

not on mubi:
Ms. Stiletto (Bruno Corbucci, 1969)
Black Magic (Gregory Ratoff, 1949)
The X From Outer Space (Kazui Nihonmatsu, 1967)
Beyonce: Life is But a Dream (Beyonce Knowles & Ed Burke, 2013)
The Seven Vampires (Ivan Cardoso, 1986)
The Snake Girl & the Silver-Haired Witch (Noriaki Yuasa, 1968)
The Vampire Happening (Freddie Francis, 1971)
Supersonic Man (Juan Piquer Simon, 1979)
Plush (Catherine Hardwicke, 2013)
Qui? (Leonard Keigel, 1970)
Rites of Spring (Padraig Reynolds, 2011)