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Acting Performances Robbed of the Oscar

By: Danny Bailey

Deserved Actor(s)-Undeserving Actor(s)-Deserved Actor(s) Picture(s)

Nigel Hawthorne and Daniel Day Lewis losing to Tom Hanks (In the Name of the Father & Madness of King George) 1994
Peter O’Toole losing to Rex Harrison (Becket) 1964
Tom Courtenay losing to Martin Balsam and then Robert Duvall (Dr. Zhivago & The Dresser) 1965 and 1983
Brenda Blethyn losing to Frances McDormand and Judi Dench (Secrets and Lies & Little Voice) 1996 and 1998
Ellen Burstyn losing to Julia Roberts (Requiem for a Dream) 2000
Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray losing to Sean Penn (The Wrestler & Lost in Translation) 2003 and 2008
Shirley McClaine losing to Elizabeth Taylor (The Apartment) 1960
Kim Stanley losing to Julie Andrews (Seance on a Wet Afternoon)1964
Gena Rowlands losing to Ellen Burstyn (A Woman Under The Influence) 1974
Daniel Day Lewis losing to Tom Hanks (In the Name of the Father) 1993
Armin Mueller-Stahl losing to Cuba Gooding Jr. (Shine) 1996
Laurence Olivier and Peter Firth losing to Jason Robards (Marathon Man & Equus) 1976 and 1977
Cate Blanchett losing to Jennifer Hudson (Notes on a Scandal) 2006
Piper Laurie losing to Beatrice Straight (Carrie) 1976
Janet Suzman, Glenda Jackson and Geraldine Page losing to Jane Fonda (Nicholas and Alexandra, Sunday Bloody Sunday & Interiors) 1971 and 1978
Bette Midler and Judy Davis losing to Sally Field (The Rose & Passage To India) 1979 and 1984
Joan Plowright and Judy Davis losing to Marisa Tomei (Enchanted April & Husbands and Wives) 1992
Kate Winslet losing to Mira Sorvino (Sense and Sensibility) 1995
Sharon Stone losing to Susan Sarandon (Casino) 1995
Lorraine Bracco losing to Whoppi Goldberg (Goodfellas) 1990
Stephen Rea losing to Al Pacino (The Crying Game) 1992
Pete Postelwaithe losing to Tommy Lee Jones (In the Name of the Father) 1993
Max von Sydow losing to Dustin Hoffman (Pelle the Conqueror) 1988
Russell Crowe losing to Denzel Washington (A Beautiful Mind) 2001
Ed Harris and Geoffrey Rush losing to Russell Crowe (Pollock & Quills) 2000
Gloria Stuart losing to Kim Basinger (Titianic) 1997
Claude Rains losing to Charles Coburn (Casablanca) 1943
Richard Widmark losing to Edmund Gwenn (Kiss of Death) 1947
Brandon DeWilde and Robert Strauss losing to Frank Sinatra (Shane and Stalag 17) 1953
Ann Blyth losing to Anne Revere (Mildred Pierce) 1945
Jack Lemmon losing to Gregory Peck (Days of Wine and Roses) 1962
Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson losing to Judy Holliday (All About Eve & Sunset Boulevard) 1950
Isabelle Adjani losing to Jessica Tandy (Camille Claudel) 1989
Judy Garland losing to Grace Kelly (A Star is Born) 1954
Peter O’Toole losing to Rex Harrison (Becket) 1964
Madeline Kahn losing to Tatum O’Neal (Paper Moon) 1973
Teri Garr losing to Jessica Lange (Tootsie) 1982
Faye Dunaway losing to Katherine Hepburn (Bonnie and Clyde) 1967
Hope Emerson losing to Josephine Hull (Caged) 1950
Eileen Heckart losing to Dorothy Malone (The Bad Seed) 1956
Judi Dench losing to Helen Hunt (Mrs Brown) 1997
Ralph Richardson losing to Dean Jagger (The Heiress) 1949
Don Murray losing to Anthony Quinn (Bus Stop) 1956
Emmanuelle Riva losing to Jennifer Lawrence (Amour) 2012
Geoffrey Rush losing to Christian Bale (The King’s Speech) 2010
Miranda Richardson losing to Jessica Lange (Tom & Viv) 1994
Joaquin Phoenix and Hugh Jackman losing to Daniel Day-Lewis (The Master & Les Miserables) 2012
Phillip Seymour Hoffman losing to Christoph Waltz (The Master) 2012



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Picture of Ruben Santos Claveria

Ruben Santos Claveria


That's a very intelligent list of losses. It's difficult to decide who deserves an Oscar more than another actor. It's almost unfair. There should be more ties than there have been. Making actors compete against each other is a cruel process, but I gues it keeps the quality of filmmaking up to a certain standard. Some genres got ignored at the Oscars like musicals and comedies, which why I like the Golden Globes. Some very good films get oversighted.




Right on so many of these! Especially the ladies (with the one exception of Julie Andrews--I have a really soft spot in my heart for her). As far as the gentlemen, well, as much as I adored Stephen Rea in The Crying Game, I really really really wanted Robert Downey Jr to win for Chaplin (that film made me an RDJ convert for life!). Actually, anybody but Pacino that year!!

Picture of spartacula



sharon stone in 'casino'... the way i prefer to remember her (liked her short part in 'alpha dog', too!