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Alain Corneau

By: Ally the Manic Listmak​er

[Nadine Trintignant with director Alain Corneau]

Alain Corneau died August 29, 2010. It has always been my feeling that he is underrated/unknown, perhaps because of his versatility. May 30, 2009 I had the distinct pleasure of seeing him at LACMA in Los Angeles for a Q&A after his film Police Python 357 from 1976.

In fact, Saturday, August 28, 2010, one day before his death, I happened to see his new film Crime d’amour which is currently playing in France. I talked with my friend who was French and asked if she was familiar with his work. After I mentioned a few titles, it was clear that she had seen some of his films and enjoyed them. I hope this memorium will bring attention to Alain Corneau and that you will check out his work if you haven’t already.

Obtituaries: English & français

Ranked list.

Love Crime
Serie Noire
Police Python 357
Le cousin (1997)
Fear and Trembling
La menace/The Threat (1977)

All the Mornings of the World
Fort Saganne

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Sry to say but Alain Corneau needs more respect on your list.