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Annnnnnd... ACTION!

By: House 0f Leaves

Order is meaningless.

For me a great action flick is all about the set piece—and each of these has some of the best ever put on film. Some of them are more than actions films (Lawrence of Arabia), some of them are less (Saving Private Ryan), but both of those films have incredible action set pieces (and for the record I think most of the latter is unwatchable crap).



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John Lehtonen


John Woo? Great list man.

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Have you considered the following: *Italian Job* *Run Lola Run* *Ninja Scroll* (anime--but a terrific action film; probably one of the best anime films I've seen; highly recommended if you haven't seen it) *Die Hard II* (decent, imo) *Avenging Eagles* or *Ip Man* (both kung-fu) What about other superhero movies--e.g. *Superman II*?

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If I were to make an action list, Die Hard would be number 1. :)

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Nice list.

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