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ASC: A Spectactle in CInematography

By: SaintAm​our Brennan

" Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities… much more so than music or language. " ~ Conrad Hall

Whether you agree with the quote is irrelevant Cinematography is the language in which films communicate.
This my list of 25 Favorite films exhibiting spectacular elements of a Cinematographers craft. (Only the top 5 are in any order)



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Picture of Tony McIntosh

Tony McIntosh


Very diverse list, with many of my favorites on it -- and a couple I've never heard of. I will familiarize myself with those. Persona, Lawrence of Arabia, Citizen Kane, Days of Heaven and City of Lost Children jump out at me the most. Assassination of Jesse James -- the newest film here -- had this dreamlike, haunting beauty that just made me want to watch it with the sound off.

Picture of mark kaiser

mark kaiser


At last, film-noir is given due credit with Double Indemnity, though I think it should have been something by John Alton. No Alton - no serious list in my book.

Picture of Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy


Good to see Jesse James in there, thought it was one of the most heart stoppingly beautiful films of recent years.

Picture of H. K. ‡

H. K. ‡


Good call on The Man Who Wasn't There: Excellent use of black and white photography, on par with the best American noir films of the 40s and 50s. Visually it is the Coen Brothers' best effort.